Clear is the New Black

Clear is the new black and it’s this lucite acrylic accessory trend you didn’t know you needed. Most of the time when we shop for accessories, we tend to go for the gold, silver and even the occasionally dauntless colors.  But have we ever thought of going transparent? Honestly, I don’t unless there is accessibility.… Read More Clear is the New Black


Jewelry & Accessory Trends

Step right in this season’s jewelry and accessory trends. From earrings and choker holds to furs and purses. I am an accessory fanatic and always look forward to what new trends are warping the runway. This season, designers are embracing an inspiring set of accouterments, with eye-catching ornateness and different levels of chic. Here, I curated… Read More Jewelry & Accessory Trends

Fashion, Style

The Purse-a-nality Bag

Below are some unique bags suited for any personality. Check out which bag suits your purse -a- nality. Enjoy! The Practical  Perfect for the woman who is always on the go without compromising style. No fuss while keeping well stocked with your everyday essentials plus more to take you from day to-night. The Statement Perfect… Read More The Purse-a-nality Bag