Fall Lust Trends

Happy Veteran’s Day or Happy Friday! Well which ever one you prefer. I know it’s been a while since I did a post and that is because I was migrating my blog and dealing with some technical difficulties, which most of them been sorted out. So it’s good be back for the most part. I guess… Read More Fall Lust Trends

What I Wore

Bohemian Flow

Happy Hump Day! The weather has been beautiful these past few days; a little hot for me but still nice. So, I was brought to a place near Washington Square Park called Washington Mews. It was a beautiful area that was a part of the NYU campus. The gated area somewhat reminded me of cottage… Read More Bohemian Flow

What I Wore

2 Modes in A Spotlight

I recently had an interview Darryl Madison from the New York Style Guide Magazine about my dual engagement via blogging and modeling. That day, I was in “blogger mode” and if time had permitted us, I would have also done a second look in “model mode”. As far as my outfit I wore, it was… Read More 2 Modes in A Spotlight