7 Fun Summer Shoe Trends to Uplift Your Wardrobe

There are plenty of shoe options for you to play around with for this Summer. Whether you are looking for cute kittens heels, stomping platforms or slick slides, we got it sorted out just for you. These aren’t just any shoes but selections that you can wear with every style in your wardrobe and then some. So let us know when you are ready, so you can check out our 7 fun summer shoe trends… Read More 7 Fun Summer Shoe Trends to Uplift Your Wardrobe


Back to Basics, The black & White

When in doubt, go black or white or both because they are your best friends. Always chic, timeless and it goes with absolutely anything and everything, that includes itself.  There are other basics but we are going to specifically focus on black and white. Basics are an everyday capsules that you should always have in your wardrobe because they are always fashion forward, no matter the season or the trend. They create endless outfit options… Read More Back to Basics, The black & White

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A Perfect Wardrobe With These Spring Trends

Spring is all about reviving, a restart so it always calls for a closet refresh. It is the inexcusable time to sweep all those tiring, outgrown, unfitting ol clothing and have some fun shopping around for those trendy staples that will give your wardrobe a nice kick for the Spring season. So come build a perfect wardrobe with these Spring Trends. Thank you for reading. Until next time, Happy Styling!

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5 Men Style Essentials for Spring

Last week, we focused more on Spring style essentials for the ladies. This time we are going to focus on the counterpart; men style updates. I mean it’s only fair, right? If you are looking to do some wardrobe-upgrading then you have came to the right place. Check out these 5 style essentials for the Spring. Style Essential #1: Suede Sneakers Guys love to wear sneakers with suits but the cooler ones to wear this… Read More 5 Men Style Essentials for Spring

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Farfetch #TheOne Ultimate Fashion Piece

Happy Monday or should I say Happy Columbus Day! I hope everyone enjoyed their lovely weekend and got to kick back and relax. Today, I am celebrating with Farfetch, a luxury online fashion company, with their new brand campaign finding #TheOne fashion piece that will transform your wardrobe. My #TheOne fashion piece is this black MARC JACOBS ruffled placket knit dress. It very sleek and chic with simplicity and sophistication. A black dress is one… Read More Farfetch #TheOne Ultimate Fashion Piece