Happy Thursday! I am looking forward to this weekend, as I will be attending several events so there will be a lot of moving around. It is going to be a long, long day but hopefully exciting and memorable. But I do wish I had a certain “someone” to share the experiences with. (Sighs)…Oh well

Yeah, that was pretty unexpected, but that’s what you GET! Now for my look!

I wore a very street chic and transitional attire. This is something you can wear in the day like to a brunch or a fashion show or and in the night like for a girls night out. Yeeeaaa-uhhhh! If you can remember, I wore this same top in a different outfit look. So I layered this Foxy Lady Retro crop top with an Armani Light gray blazer and paired them with Foxy Lady American Flag High Waist Cut up jeans. Lastly, I wore the Love Culture nude sandal heels to finish the look. Two major transitional pieces are the blazer and the heels which created a more sophisticated polishing on a palette of casual separates.

But more importantly, the blazer plays a bigger role in enhancing the classiness of the outfit and when taken off, the focus is more on the street chic pieces. I also powered up on prints, with an unmistakenly bold printed statement top and jeans with bold cut up patterning.

Nice abs (LOL) \(^0^)/

The Chloe sun shades and the Armani black satchel bag all the more enhanced my look into something luxe. This outfit was one of my favorites. Thank you for reading and happy styling! XOXO