Hey there Fashion babes. Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed and had a blessed Thanksgiving weekend. I really just took a mini break from posting and enjoyed eating food for the rest of the week. 🙂 But now back to business. When putting together an outfit, sometimes we get a little stuck on what to wear, especially when you are on a small time limit. Nothing is worse than feeling you don’t have anything to wear and possibly might be running late! So I am going to share 5 simple basic pieces that you can wear with everything you own, simple enough that you can either dress up or dress down for the occasion.


You can’t get as simple as this. Leggings go with anything and everything. It can be worn on your laziest days with a sweatshirt and loafers or can be dressed up in with a killer top and pumps. Elongate those legs girl. Either way, you absolutely can never go wrong with a pair of leggings…unless they have a crazy print on it, then that’s another story.

Black Skirt

I’d like to call a black skirt the mini version of the “little black dress”. With skirts, you can play around with it more than dresses. They can also be dress up or down and no matter how you style it, you can always come out with an awesome look. Be edgy, preppy, luxe or elegant.

That “Go to” Bag

Don’t you have that one bag that you can wear with anything? Seriously, anything? I have a black satchel bag which is my go-to bag when I can’t figure out what bag to pair with my look. It is a life-saver and I use it on my most laziest days and my most dressed up days. Yeah, you need to get one of those kind of bags.


You can’t question a blazer, except how do I look? You look nothing but sharp! But that is the purpose of a blazer; to create a sharp and polish look that isn’t easy to go wrong. Blazers elevate the most simplest of palettes and boy, does it make a big difference.


Cut-Out Booties

I love booties! They are edgy, comfortable and versatile. Not all booties goes with everything so you have to find one that will suit your needs. I would say cut-out booties because they are crazy versatile, on trend and beautifully pair with casual, pretty and everything in between. You can utilize the cut-outs styling them with solid leggings/tights, your favorite prints and patterns to infuse some pop or go commando.

That should help you out with your wardrobe pickings. If not, then I don’t know what else to tell you…I’m kidding. These are just some of the minimalists I suggest you should definitely have in your wardrobe or variations of some sort. Like I said before, if you are on the run, at least you won’t look like a bum. (Well I didn’t say that before, but you get my point) LOL. Thank you for reading and Happy styling!