Accessories That Can Make You Look Put Together

Sometimes, life is a rush and very much in a rush. Whether you are crunching on time to get things done or in reach of a destination, there’s no time for prepping. When I am in a rush to get out of the house, I need some thing easy and quick to through on so I don’t look like I just rolled out of bed. (Which probably is the case). In this case, accessories are a huge life savers and can make a hell of a difference in your appearance when you walk out the door. That is why I am going to share with you accessories that can make you look put together.

Accessories That Can Make You Look Put Together

Red Lip
A red lip is forever a classic and an eye-popping color. It’s hard to resist but easy to look stylish with. It can draw all the attention away from everything else but simultaneously bring an “all together” quick chic look.

Accessories That Can Make You Look Put Together

I swear sunglasses make everything chic. Shades alone can change the tone of a look. I am sure if you were to see a bum with shades on, you would know exactly what I mean. (No offense!). So when you rushing out the house with tired bags, don’t forget those pair of sunnies.

Accessories That Can Make You Look Put Together

Belts can make the most minimal and rugged combination of attire put together. All you have to do is tuck in your shirt, even if it’s just a tee and belt that sucker. Something so simple can go a long way.

Accessories That Can Make You Look Put Together

A favorite style of shoes that I am constantly wearing are loafers and/or oxfords. Sometimes when I am just stepping out the door for a quick run, I just slip on a pair of loafers. Easy to wear, comfortable, chic and elevates a super casual look instantly.

Accessories That Can Make You Look Put Together

Slick-Back Bun/Ponytail
Nothing is more sleek than a slicked back bun or ponytail. It takes a couple mins and you are ready to go. If you have short hair, the same applies but that just makes the process so much faster! If you have big hair, do a wet ‘n’ go or simply comb a quick style that takes no time. Then again, you could always wear a hat if you are feeling THAT lazy.

Of course, there are other accessories that can make you look put together as well, but these are personal picks I know gets the job done. What are some accessories you wear when you done have the time to prep your look? Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Lipstick: EM COSMETICS | Sunglasses: PRIMARK | Belt: H&M | Matted Loafers: PRIMARK, Patent Loafers: UNISA 


  1. Ooh, I love the pants in the belt pic, they look super professional! The loafers are really cool as well, especially the patent ones

  2. Accessories does make all the difference, for sometimes you just want to throw on something simple, or a statement piece. In the case of jewelries, I have my everyday gold necklace that I wear 24/7, a right-hand ring that can be dressed up or down, and alternating left-hand rings.

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