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Happy Monday fashion lovies! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. This recent weekened I went to one of my favorite spots/areas to go to…Koreatown!. I don’t go there that often but when the opportunity arises, I definitely make the time to hit the town. We went to karaoke, I sung my ass off and got a sore throat. After singing my last Toni Braxton song “Spanish Guitar”, I guess my voice was done but unknowingly because I still wanted to continue singing. But I had an awesome time!

So, I wore one of my favorite sweatshirts. It was pretty chilly that night so I am glad I didn’t wear my silhouette top. I paired the sweatshirt with black leather-like leggings which it added some edge to the look. But I originally wanted a more classier look. I would have preferred a pair of black trousers but that’s one thing that is next on my list to get. So I had to work with what I had. Then I updated my look with horizontal strapped wedges to compliment my sweatshirt since the focus of the look were all about lines. I needed a splash of color so I added my oversized royal blue and neon yellow clutch. But seriously, I really need to get  myself a pair of trousers. Thank you for reading and happy styling!

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