Last Tuesday, I was warmly invited through NYC Fashion Bloggers meetup to attend a trunk show showroom with Australian designer brands. They were making their first debut in New York City! Not of the blogger babes were able to attend…at least not during the same time. So whoever attended, went on their own accord.  I was so excited to look around and get a touch/feel of the rendering of quality clothing that Australia had to offer. I started with the smallest of the bunch, LYLA & BO hats. An accessory I love and need to get more of. I tried on a couple of hats to see which was the best fit.

Next I checked out Micky in the Van, designated with different textures, prints and textiles. Each piece was unique according to structuring, fabrics and color. The best part was I had the opportunity to fit on a couple of pieces.

Next in line was ZHIVAGO, a brand for more of the celebrity clientele, had a lot to offer. This was my favorite collection and they soured a variety of designs, textures and unconventional structuring. One big feature of this collection was its perched shoulder peak. At first, I didn’t think I would favor the look but when I decided to fit on a few of the pieces, I absolutely fell in love.

Lastly, but not least, INDER DHILLON, this line focusing on texture, color silhouettes, volume and contrasts of the fabrics, creating a unique character to the collection. I wanted to try on one of the skirts but it was ridiculously too long. Unless, it was my intention to become a human dust broom.

ZHIVAGO, LYLA & BO and Micky in the Van were all available for pre-order and made and delivered within four to six weeks. INDER DHILLON is not available for pre-order, hence they only serve the purpose of samples. These collections are only made in Australia and with up to par quality. I enjoyed my time and efforts at the showroom and it was a wonderful and fabulous adventure to experience. Thank you for reading!