Hello everyone! Once again, this is another review on em cosmetics, Michelle Phan’s makeup line. In a previous post, I have spoke about the holiday pop up shop at the em cosmetics store and these were the makeup I purchased with a complimentary mascara. So first, I will start with the lip gallery. The shade of the lipstick is called “Wine stain” red. It gives a classic and matted look. No wonder it is called “Wine stain” because of the matted consistency, it really stays on your lip. It was a bit of a challenge removing the lipstick from my lips. Also it is a little moisturizing which is a good thing because dry lips with lipstick is a no no.  It holds a very pleasant and subtle scent and the consistency is smooth and velvety when applicated. This was the perfect red shade because I was looking for a deep and rich vibrant red and not one that had a orange-ish undertone.
The next review is the play palette. Comparatively to the other palette that I bought previously which had lip gloss and lipstick, this time it was concealer. It has the same principal. You play around with the colors by mixing them to obtain the shade you are looking for. The shade I bought was deep which isn’t a true deep I might add; this is more like a medium shade. It covered my dark spots/blemishes a little above sheer. Not with full coverage but it covered enough. The consistency is also soft and velvety so it applies on really nicely. What is versatile about this particular product which I thought was clever, are the different shades to cater to the current tone of your skin. So in the winter, when your skin tone normally lightens up, you can use the lighter shades of the concealer. In the summer, when your skin tone normally darkens, you can use the darker shades in the palette. If either one does not suffice the shade for your skin, this is when the creativity comes in. You can utlitize the colors to mix and blend. It also has a highlighter that you can apply to your nose and cheeks for that glowing finish. This is the kind of concealer you can utilize all year round without having to buy a different shade of concealer when your skin tone undergoes a change.
Lastly, the free product…mascara. It is called “clean volume” mascara. Pretty basic and absolutely not waterproof, water resistant nor smudgeproof. So it definitely was not a favorite of mines. The only thing I liked about it were the bristles of the brush. It really volumized my lashes and made them look fuller yet longer.
So there you are fashion lovies. My third review on these products and a fourth review will be generated soon. I bought more products from em cosmetics because I love them oh so dearly. Till next time, stay tuned! Thank you for reading! Xoxo