On June 27th, UDE Models Management had organized a photo-shoot for a campaign for Luxury Fashion Boutique. I, myself was a part of the shoot but I also did a behind the scenes of us models, with assistance of the MUAs, hairstylist and designers getting us ready for the photo-shoot. Starting with hair and makeup, we had two awesome MUAs, Safary Marion (Gotta Love Saf) who did my makeup and Rita. Hair was done by Tazz of UDE Models / Luxury Fashion Boutique. (YASSS girrrl, he can do hair.)



My makeup was done by Safary Marion with semi- completed in the before look and the after look with the complete makeup and wardrobe.

While some of the models were still getting their makeup and hair done, a few of the male models already started their shoots with the designers pieces. Female designers; Elisa Wilson (A Jaunty Life) and Beverly Perryman (Fashion Mirage) and Male designers; Mellino Boudanih (House of Mellino), and Christoph . Our outstanding photographers were Kelvin Rose and Brandon Charles.

With that being said, myself and my twin will end this post while striking a pose. Thank you for reading!