On Thursday June, 19,  at the Wilzig Townhouse in Tribeca,  I visited a private showcase presenting  Bix Joux costume jewelry and introducing Mas Bis Joux. A collaboration between Morgan  Alyse Shara of Mas Creative and Karin Wilzig of Bis Joux, a high end line of Bix Joux designs created in genuine gold and diamonds. Bix Joux has been featured in magazines such as GQ, Hamptons, Dark Beauty and as well  in many others.
I also had the pleasure of meeting one of the lovely designers from the collaboration of Mas Bis Joux, Morgan of Alyse Shara of Mas Creative.
Karin’s designs are visually striking and sculptural making it avante garde, reflecting her  artistic sense of craft and modernistic inspiration. What creates Bix Joux’s  uniqueness is  it’s pro-founding clean aesthetics, tribal elements, modern style and use of one of the world’s most ancient metals, nugold. Bis Joux is in a timeless niche all of it’s own.  Visit www.bisjoux.com for further interest and purchase.