Blogger to Blogger, Dynamite!


A new week and new things to explore. That was my mindset when I found out about well-known fashion bloggers visiting Dynamite, a new clothing store in shopping plazas. Surprisingly, one of the bloggers were visiting my hometown at the Staten Island Mall. I was pretty ecstatic andย  I could not pass up the opportunity to meet an experienced and professional fashion blogger. The ensemble that I wore was put together on a one minute basis, not realizing I was wearing a Dynamite branded top which was perfect for the occasion anyways. I love the embellishments on the top and it gave a bold statement. No need for a necklace when you wear tops like these. Its overkill if you add a bold necklace with a top that has embellishments. Too much clutter. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Just kidding. I love this cardigan because it went perfect with the top and don’t you just love leather or pleather leggings?

They practically go with ย anything. It’s simple but sexy and edgy and I was ready to rock my high heels boots. I don’t think I have ever worn heels to the mall but this time was a first. All fall colors: black, burgundy, tan and grey. You can never go wrong with them. Thank you for reading and happy shopping!

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