Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Refreshed and anew to start the week.

Last Thursday, I went to a private showing for Bix Joux jewelry collection which I will be posting up soon. It was raining earlier that day and I had a little inspiration from the weather. I decided to opt for colors that came to mind when I thought about rain; shades of blue and gray.

 I layered an Armani Exchange light gray blazer over my Free 2 Luv patterned blouse and paired them with a light blue pair of H&M skinny jeans. I wore a dark gray of pair of City Sneaks sneakers to complete the balance of colors and for a more dressed down, casual look. To top it off, I wore the Charlotte Russe Fedora hat as a highlight against the rest of the colors of the outfit. The Coach patent leather satchel bag still inspired a little balance of sophistication.  I hope you enjoyed my look! Thank you for reading and happy styling!