Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope you guys are having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. Can you believe September is already over? Well, the time fluctuated for me and that was due to the fact Fashion Week was in the beginning of September. That whole week went by slow but gradually began to pick up afterwards. Going toward the last week of September, it then, felt the month really flew by. But since it is the very last day of the month, it’s time to share my special preferences. So without further a due, keep scrolling to see my September favorites.

September Favorites

Let me say this is one of the best cleansers I have ever used. It is a multi-functional clay wash by Freeman Feeling Beautiful (similar here) where you can use it as a regular cleanser or as a mask. When in use as a mask, leave it on for 7 minutes, no more than 10. You will feel a drastic difference in the softness of your skin immediately after washing your face. Another good factor is the apple cider vinegar ingredient in it. Apple cider vinegar has been known to be very good for acne prone. I use this wash only in the mornings and a home-made apple cider toner at night. It does wonders for my acne and never turned back to acne gels. If you have acne prone skin like me, then I suggest this clay wash.

September Favorites

This another great cleanser I use by PS…Pores Be PureIt’s a cleansing gel with ingredients such as tea tree oil and witch hazel. So while you are applying it to your skin, you feel a cool, tingling sensation. It makes me feel relaxed in that very sort moment which is my favorite part of the process. I use this at night after removing my makeup. It really help break up any makeup residue you have left on your face. It is perfect for those of us who have oily / blemished skin.

I just started using serum again but the two brands I was sampling were finished So until I get a chance to buy the real bottles, I have been using is this little guy. It is also a sample size but you surely do not need to use a lot on your face, at the very least. It can also be used on the body but I would suggest buying the bigger jars. This glow butter is by Boheme Luxe Beauty (similar here) and the consistency is very much like butter. Just scoop a pea size amount with your finger and then apply to face. You don’t need a lot so your product should last a very long time. Leaves the skin very moisturized, soft and smooth. Its my new obsession.

September Favorites

My nails cannot live with out this product. If it wasn’t for this hardener, my nails would have chipped, cracked, bent and broke so many times over. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails hardener (similar here) is the secret to how I am able to keep my nails lengthy and lasting. If you have naturally soft nails like me, several coats of colored nail polish will not do the trick. You need a hardener so it helps protect and prevent your nails from chipping and cracking. I use four to five coats of the hardener to get a nice thick coat. I put three coats of hardener, one coat of color then one or two more coats of hardener again. It sounds crazy but it’s worth it when you want to support nails with some length.

This classy and sophisticated watch is my new accessory obsession. That and because most of my watches are not working. I have many watches and the batteries have to be replaced. So just imagine replacing 20+ watch batteries. I am also tired of looking at my GUESS watch. ^_^. But this watch was a gift from the Valdecio Collection (similar here). I love rose-gold but it’s not a common color in the jewelry and watch department. So when I do get an opportunity to get an accessory in rose gold. I take it. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

September Favorites

I just love Korean skin care products and I get so excited when I come across one. This baby is an eye cream by Nature Republic (similar here), made with ginseng which I learned is really good for your skin. The cream helps whitening dark circles (which I sort of used to have) and reduce any wrinkles or fine lines. I don’t necessarily have any wrinkles or fine lines in the eye area, but it is best to start early! The whole point of these type of products is to use it before to prevent early signs of aging skin and maintain it. Any time after that, mostly like won’t have much effect and defeats the purpose.

My new favorite bag by New York Group (similar here)! This cute little hand bag is quite roomy for its size. I love the gold toned accents and the leather studded tassel aesthetic. It’s a nice little satchel that can transition from day to-night, holding your minimal daily essentials in the appropriate compartments.

So there you have it. C’s September favorites. I want to know what you discovered as favorites for the month of September. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Happy Saturday everyone! This is the second installment of monthly favorites. The month of May went by so fast, I barely had time to think. It’s crazy we are about to hit the 6-month mark. Boy, does time fly. Anyways, let’s get on with C’s May favorites before the month is over.

I must say. Dove antiperspirant dry spray is awesome. It doesn’t leave any white marks and I know all of you hate when we put on a nice shirt (especially black) and the deodorant leaves evidence of residue. At GUILT.COM event I went to, Dove was one of the vendors that were giving out freebies and I snatched two deodorant sprays. Why get one when you can get two?

Coconut oil is a very good moisturizer for your skin and hair. Spa naturals moisturizing cream has vitamin E that helps with dry and sensitive skin. Unfortunately, this cream isn’t made to use on the face but if you don’t have sensitive skin as I do, you probably can get it get away with it.

Two words…favorite nude. Good brand, affordable price and beautiful shade. I received compliments on my nails every time I wear this color. Sally Hansen Bare it All” hasn’t failed me yet so I stick to this nude like no other.

Nothing smells better than a clean, fresh linen-like scent. I use You Are Amazing spritz body mist now and then to get a fresh pick me up either when I am rushing out the house or when I am about to get ready for bed. Actually, giving off such an aroma at bed time is not a bad idea. Just makes you feel extra fresh.

Strobing is life and I left contouring at the door a long time ago. I love nothing more than a good ol’ highlighter. My Maybelline strobing stick illuminates and gives a dewy and glowy effect that makes your skin look amazing. Might I add, this was another freebie I received at store event during Fashion Week.

GLOV is an actual makeup removal glove and all you need is water. It removes your makeup as it were wipes. I am going to attempt a video review going a little more in-depth on how it works. Just give me a little time to put it together because this will be my first video. Hehe. Wish me luck!

Finally, but not least, my trusty lip scrub by PS…Pro. I only apply it at night, just before bed. Apply, then rinse and leaves your lips smooth and supple.

I hope you enjoyed reading about C’s May favorites. Just patiently look out for the video review on GLOV. Thanks for reading and have a Happy Memorial Day weekend!


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