Fashion Week

On Thursday, February 13, The Set NYC presented a fashion week benefit to end child trafficking at the Holy Apostle Ballroom located in Chelsea. The Set NYC, a New York CIty event company collaborated with a non-profit organization Love146.Org to help spread awareness of child trafficking through showcasing unique designs by independent designers. 
The first runway show was by designer Lucina Lu. Called “Timeless Tang“, the line was inspired by traditional classical Chinese aesthetics from the clothing down to the hairstyles. Lucina’s influences were “Han” “Tang” dynasty clothing from Qin Han Dynasty. Presenting distinctive styles, her designs showed characteristics of the ancient Chinese clothing culture. This collection was my favorite because of the eye popping, bold prints, distinctive fabrics and exhibiting a contemporary elegance yet fun look.


The next designer was Autumn Lin Kietponglert. Called “Singularities” her line featured signature trademark one of a kind zipper pieces with interesting mixtures of experimental shapes that harbored an extra-terrestrial edge. Very unique, different and futuristic. 






The third designer was Kristin Costa. Called “Underbelly” the line resembled 1920s french couture but with dark elements. The designs were coherently homely, very dark, Gothic, quirky with a ghastly tone all compiled into one. It showcased an extravagant imagination of nightmare fantasy.















Lastly, designers Yossi for Kevin Shahroozi showcased theri runway “Leather Trousers, The Modern Essential”. Their line was clean, cut, contemporary, practical, and modern. With a basic leather trousers, it was displayed flexibility and versatility in compilation of several looks with an edgy touch.

Which collection or looks do you like?
Thank you for reading and happy belated fashion week! xoxo
Last Wednesday, February 12, Rusk presented NOLCHA Fashion Week held at the Chelsea Studios Pier 59. NOLCHA is an incubator for fresh fashion talent and a platform for discovering and promoting innovative independent designers. There were many designers’ collections showcased on the runway in three set interval times at 3:00pm, 5:30pm and 8:30pm shows. I originally RSVP for the 5:30 but the show started before I was able to make in time to take my seat. It was impossible to get to my seat with the standing crowd and guards who closed off the entrance. So I stayed for the 8:30pm runway show which was remarkable. With five designers showcasing their designs, three of the collections i was very drawn to. My top favorite designers were L. Catherine London, Gabrielle Arruda and Dany Tabet.
I loved L. Catherine London designs with their craftsmanship and combination of fabrics that made it look so luxurious with a European flare but designates contemporary glamour.  Dany Tabet’s collection was so breathtaking and oozed with elegance. You couldn’t take your eyes off any of the eveningwear that walked down the runway. The quality, creativity, the movement and architectural details of the gowns were jaw dropping. Garbrielle Arruda’s designs were very modern, fresh and dynamic. The ready to wear garments orchestrated functionality and flexibility for fashionable longevity.
Each collection of designs conveyed a different message to me. L. Catherine London’s designs spoke spontaneity and tentative but coincide luxe practicality. The different shapes, cuts, fabrics and layers composed of versatility on the higher end for public consumers. This line is for those who are not afraid to be spontaneous, experimental and fun with their own attire.
I honestly fancy very sparkly and dazzling, non-overly avant garde dresses and gowns. Looking at Dany’s Tabet’s designs, it felt like the epitome of beauty; as if you were to put his gown on, you would feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Although, his designs are not the mainstream apparel for the common consumer, every woman, young and old, enjoys that sensation of beauty and elegance but exerting strength, boldness and assertiveness.
Out of the three, I think Gabrielle Arruda’s designs were the most wearable for fashionistas on the street. With a “camouflage” collection, it read “for every girl, there is a style” to me. She showcased several different styles that would tailor to an individual’s personality in a coherent fashion.
It’s great to see fresh and innovative designers stay true to their vision, passion and inspirations and watch their work bloom into magnificent art. NOLCHA sets the stage and does not disappoint.
L.Catherine London

Gabrielle Arruda

Nina Athanasiou 

Dany Tabet
There were also a few celebrities who attended the show including , Derek J (Fashion Queens), Zendaya (actress/singer) and Courtney Kerr (Courtney Loves Dallas) and I had the pleasure meeting Derek J and Zendaya. It was a great show and I would love to go again in September. Thank you for reading and happy fashion week recap!