Fashion Week


On February 9th, Asia Fashion Collection debuted seven Asian designers revealing their collections at New York Fashion Week FW19.  The purpose of the Asia Fashion Collection is to discover and nurture young designers who are from Asia. Organized by Vantan Inc. and PARCO. Co. Ltd., AFC showing both menswear and womenswear. Scroll down to see the collections.

Asia Fashion Collection


Minori Yanagase of Fey Minoriyanagase showed a moving exaggeration of bold colors, a heightened play on prints and incorporation of oversized pieces with elements of layering in a casual and fun tone.

TITAT (Thailand)

Pete Titat Kuantrakul of TITAT showcased a monochrome collection with different textiles and bold elemental designs; elevating looks with a relaxed and cool modern – eastern style.

CAHIERS (South Korea)

Ayoung Kim of CAHIERS showed a variety of beautiful silhouettes from a deconstructed dress, relaxed overcoats, flowy dresses with different textures and fabrics. This collection oozed femininity and edginess all in one.


Joe Chan of TSUNG YU CHAN showed passions of high-end, street style and modern art through his designs, presenting a full detail of hi-end menswear. Deconstruction of fabrics, structured with Taiwanese traditional techniques to create a modern style.

HYUN JUNG (Parsons : South Korea)

Hyun Kyeong Jung of HYUN JUNG showcased deconstructed white and black ensembles with deliberately torn features. The inspiration behind the collection was a nightmare, a continuous nightmare of falling off from somewhere else.


Kenichi Ishida of KENICHI made it clear that Spring is definitely around the corner. Pastels colors; lavender, creams, tans, whites will all be in trend for the coming season. Oversized looks perfect for layering for the very chilly days and transition into later warmth. 

KANON (Japan)

Kanon Hayata of KANON showed an unraveling abundance of color, print, and textures. There was a play on volume and outlines of Jacquard in the collection. A showcase of whimsical frocks truly highlighting art.

Makeup: Luis Casco for Mary Kay
Nail: Yukie Natori for Yukie Nail New York
Photography: Hunter Arthur
Dressers: Parsons

What were some of your favorite collections or looks?

Fashion Hong Kong

On February 8, at NYFW The Show, Fashion Hong Kong presented three leading Asian designers on the runway; 112 mountainyam, Anveglosa, and Heaven Please+ the FW ’19.  The show was in collaboration with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council Fashion Hong Kong. Continue scrolling to see the collections.…

Indonesian Diversity

Indonesian Diversity was a delightful treat at New York Fashion Week. There were four dynamic participating designers; Dian Pelangi, Alleira Batik, Itang Yunasz, and 2 Madison Avenue. Attendees were left in awe by each garment as they flowed down the runway. Intricate details like embroidered lace, beadwork, and…

Dakun x Liu Yong and Hathairat

On September 12, designers Dakun x Liu Yong and Hathairat showcased their Spring/Summer 2019 collections at NYFW. With complete opposite sides of the spectrum, Dakun x Liu Yong puts an athletic spin on the high sport while Hathairat brought a bright future to ruffles and tones. Keep scrolling to see more.…

Dan Liu

On September 11, designer Dan Liu showcased his Spring/Summer 19 collection at NYFW The Shows at Spring Studios. The collection was called “Part 1 of the Ima, Nippon”, translated to “Nowadays, Japan”. The show commenced in true fashion with the designer himself masked, performing a samurai dance. Dan…

Romeo Hunte and Ruby Fang

On September 9th, Romeo Hunte and Ruby Fang debut their Spring/Summer 2019 collection at NYFW. Two great designers with completely different aesthetics and conceptualized stories that reflected from each of their collection. Keep scrolling to take a closer look at each designer’s creations. Romeo Hunte and Ruby Fang…