Happy Spring Tuesday! It is finally the first day of Spring! Although I love the Winter, it feels like we have been walling in it forever. But don’t forget, just because it’s Spring doesn’t mean it is time to pull out those booty shorts and tank tops. Spring is the season of transition from the cold to warm weather. So let’s be a bit more patient. Other than that, I have finally finished compiling my recap of outfits for NYFW FW18. Hey, better late than never right? So just scroll down to see my looks!

Day 1

Outfits for NYFW FW18Outfits for NYFW FW18

Sweater: H&M (same) | Trousers: H&M (similar| Booties: FOREVER 21 (same) 
Bag: FOREVER 21 (similar) | Link beltAnne Klein (similar) 

I guess I was going for a groovy vibe here. Honestly, I didn’t put much thought into the look because I was pressed for time. But the outfit came out great though! A nice fuzzy, chic sweater paired with statement striped trousers to create a streamlined look. If you know my aesthetic, I love a splash of color. So a pair of wine booties and a mustard yellow clutch were made in matrimony.


Day 2

Outfits for NYFW FW18 Outfits for NYFW FW18

Top: KIKI RIKI (similar) | Girlfriend Jeans: DEMIN CO. (similar) | Booties: IMPO (same) 
Cap: BOOHOO (similar) | BagBOOHOO sold out but (similar) | Sunglasses: ALDO (similar)

This was one of my favorite looks! I had finally got to wear my first new pair of girlfriend jeans for Fashion Week along with my mesh puff sleeve blouse. Creating a sport-luxe look with a touch of sophistication by the pearls on the cap. And I wasn’t afraid to rock so much white. I guess three times a charm.


Day 3

Outfits for NYFW FW18 Outfits for NYFW FW18

Coat: PRIMARK (similar) | Sweater: H&M (similar) | Jeans: OLD NAVY (same) | Sneakers: MOSSIMO SUPPLY CO(same) | 
Hat: KANGOL (similar) | SunglassesBOOHOO (similar) | Bag: FOREVER 21 (similar)

Another sport-luxe look here but more casual to the outfit prior. I was crazy to wear white pants because it was raining on this day. But I made it work. I went for a semi-monochrome palette, embracing the textured greys (once again, three times a charm) while breaking it up with a neutral tone of white. I love blue and mustard yellow together, so utilizing the two in this look was the icing on the cake.

Day 4

Outfits for NYFW FW18 Outfits for NYFW FW18

Shearling Coat: FOREVER 21 (similar) | Sweater: PRIMARK (similar) | Pants: NASTY GAL sold out but (similar) | Booties: IMPO (same) | Bag: PRIMARK (similar)

Go bold or go home! This is what this outfit was about. I love the playful ruffles paneling down the leg and paired it with one of my favorite sweaters which has a beautiful zipper aesthetic down the back which you can’t see here. I kept it dressy with a pair of pointy kitten heels and a cocktail purse. But finished it off with a smack of edgy with a shearling coat.


Day 5

Outfits for NYFW FW18 Outfits for NYFW FW18

Outfits for NYFW FW18

Coat: PRIMARK (similar) | Blazer: PRIMARK (similar) | Top: PAPER TEE (similar) | Jeans: PRIMARK (similar) | Booties: IMPO (same) | SunglassesBOOHOO (similar) | Bag: PRIMARK (similar)

This look was another one of my favorite outfits. I focused more on shades of blue palettes layered and accented by black and white. What I love about this outfit were the stylistic elements at one time. It was polished, casual, feminine, dressy and edgy simultaneously.

Day 7

Outfits for NYFW FW18 Outfits for NYFW FW18

Coat: PRIMARK (similar) | Sweater: PRIMARK (similar) | Trousers: PRIMARK (similar) | Booties: IMPO (same) | SunglassesCHARMING CHARLIE (similar) | Watch: BREDA (similar) | Bag: FOREVER 21 (similar)

Another bold moment in monochrome red with a pop of white inspired by Valentine’s Day. It was definitely a showstopper because you can’t ignore a color like red when it’s all in your face. Also, I wasn’t kidding about this red coat as you may have seen in my previous posts, I wore it on my birthday and a few times during Men’s Fashion Week. I mean, can you blame me?

Day 8

Outfits for NYFW FW18

Blazer: PRIMARK (similar) | Jogger Pants: KIKI RIKI (similar) | Belt: NASTY GAL (similar) | Booties: IMPO (same) | SunglassesCHARMING CHARLIE (similar) | Bag: PRIMARK (similar)

The last day of Fashion Week was quite fun. I didn’t attend any shows. which was fine because I was tired anyway. But I attended a couple of parties. I felt like a movie star in this look for some odd reason, but I definitely had fun wearing it. I decided not wear anything underneath my first velvet blazer. Bra-less and shirt-less and it felt great. I paired it with my edgy faux leather jogger pants, kitten heels, and a velvet quilted cocktail purse. A nice gold belt to cinch the waist in too was a good accent.

Well, there you have it. My last wrap up of anything NYFW. I hope you enjoyed my looks from this season. There were a few accessory repeats, such as shoes, bags, hats, and sunglasses. I have no shame in my game of outfit repeats. I own the look like I never wore it in the first place and you should too! Thanks for reading!

Fall is one of my seasons of the year, next to winter and after going through overbearing heats of the Summer, I am always looking forward to the Fall. Since the days are getting cooler with chills, it’s safe to say, Summer sandals, it’s time to go. Bring out your Fall footwear and coziest inner and outerwear to the forefront. When it comes to this season’s fashion, there are must-have Fall essentials that you should definitely be in your wardrobe. You want to keep your wardrobe updated and fresh with a few of these Fall fashion essentials.

Chunky Knits

For starters, I love a good ol’ cozy chunky knit to keep me warm throughout the Fall into the Winter. When it comes to chunky knits, I can never shy away from the texture and stitch detailing which makes this sweater so unique. It’s perfect for the cooler temperatures and for those days when you really want to feel comfy but still chic.

Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots are a daring favorite of mines because not only are they immensely stylish but they keep your legs entirely warm from the elements. You can wear it a skirt or a set pair of jeans, and don’t forget to pair it with that knit. For days when it’s a little warm, you can transition to the over-the-knee boots and still achieve the same look.

Duster Coats

Another one of my favorite Fall essentials is a duster coat. You can never go wrong with this coat that is utterly chic and can be worn with almost anything. It’s appropriate for the chilly and not-so chilly days. It is a must-have that will effortlessly make you look put together and all around cozy at the same time.


Plaid is one of my favorite prints alongside, houndstooth. There is just something about plaid that is timeless and never goes out of style in the Fall season. It’s an essential that can be worn in many ways and in pieces. From tops, skirts to pants and jackets, you just can’t get enough of it. Well, I know I can’t for sure.


I used to have this love/hate relationship with turtlenecks in my younger years. One day, I feel great wearing it and then another day, I couldn’t stand the sight of it. I guess back then, I didn’t fully grow into the neck restriction sort of thing. But now, a turtleneck is definitely a must-have fall essential that eternally will be a part of my wardrobe. You can dress up or down a turtleneck, all awhile keep a chic and cozy palette, not just for the Fall but for the transition into the Winter season.

What are some your favorite must-have Fall essentials for this season? Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend!