Have you ever visited the state of California? If you have, that’s awesome! If not, hopefully one day you will. California is the home and inspiration of the apparel company, Citizen Ciaoa Los Angeles based lifestyle brand streetwear brand inspired specifically by the surf culture.  The brand made their debut launch in August at a Press day in New York City. The collection blends high quality fabrics with clean bold designs that present the new surf culture and infuses it with an urban attitude and edge.


Their mission:”To create high quality lifestyle apparel inspired by the new surf culture. The brand’s motto “We Are the New”. The brand sets itself apart from other existing surf lifestyle brands by being the only apparel brand that incorporates an edgy street attitude to the surf culture and brand aesthetic. It also represents how diverse and multicultural the LA surf and beach scene has become. To attract a more diversified audience, Citizen Ciao gets personal with the customer, finding those who appreciate the surf and beach culture but also have an urban lifestyle attitude. In essence, it will be the surfing lifestyle answer to the skate-kid culture.  “New Citizens” are the diverse, multicultural, have a conscious lifestyle and the love the beach culture. They follow the beat of their own drum, are uniquely creative, bold and youthful adventurous citizens who are all connected in striving and exploring their passions in life; non-traditionally and non-governed.

 The Citizen Ciao collection offers traditional surf lifestyle products such as t shirts, long sleeves, hats, board shorts, flip-flops and sweatshirts. After the fall/Holiday collection of apparel and accessories, the brand will be expanding with bags, men’s polo’s, button up shirts, outerwear and sunglasses by teaming up with key collaborations and targeted licensing partners. Inspiration of the design comes from world travels, architecture and the peaceful lifestyle of the beach, palm trees, mountains and the ocean. They also have their own team of surfers called “Team Ciao” who are extreme sports professionals and creative individuals that are advocates to represent the brand in their daily habitants and at sporting events throughout the world.

Now that leaves the question, who is the founder of Citizen Ciao? Roby Turner, Head Chief of Creative Direction who was a former accomplished model. Once he was finished with his model career, he always had a long interest in fashion design and decided to follow his dream of launching an apparel brand inspired by Southern California’s surf culture. He consulted with friend and industry veteran to help launch the brand to the urban market become the architect of Citizen Ciao and instrument business direction of the brand to position this label as leading lifestyle surf street wear. Thus, Citizen Ciao was born.

Citizen Ciao‘s philanthropy; not only do they want to build a great apparel brand but they also give back at the same time. Roby Turner will be dedicating his time as well as using Citizen Ciao as a vehicle to raise awareness level of a cause he is very passionate about, Project Hope Alliance. Exists to end family homelessness through exceptional education and financial stability. For every item sold at Citizen Ciao, generous proceeds will go toward “PROJECT HOPE“. See video on Youtube (click link).