Happy Saturday everyone! This is the second installment of monthly favorites. The month of May went by so fast, I barely had time to think. It’s crazy we are about to hit the 6-month mark. Boy, does time fly. Anyways, let’s get on with C’s May favorites before the month is over.

I must say. Dove antiperspirant dry spray is awesome. It doesn’t leave any white marks and I know all of you hate when we put on a nice shirt (especially black) and the deodorant leaves evidence of residue. At GUILT.COM event I went to, Dove was one of the vendors that were giving out freebies and I snatched two deodorant sprays. Why get one when you can get two?

Coconut oil is a very good moisturizer for your skin and hair. Spa naturals moisturizing cream has vitamin E that helps with dry and sensitive skin. Unfortunately, this cream isn’t made to use on the face but if you don’t have sensitive skin as I do, you probably can get it get away with it.

Two words…favorite nude. Good brand, affordable price and beautiful shade. I received compliments on my nails every time I wear this color. Sally Hansen Bare it All” hasn’t failed me yet so I stick to this nude like no other.

Nothing smells better than a clean, fresh linen-like scent. I use You Are Amazing spritz body mist now and then to get a fresh pick me up either when I am rushing out the house or when I am about to get ready for bed. Actually, giving off such an aroma at bed time is not a bad idea. Just makes you feel extra fresh.

Strobing is life and I left contouring at the door a long time ago. I love nothing more than a good ol’ highlighter. My Maybelline strobing stick illuminates and gives a dewy and glowy effect that makes your skin look amazing. Might I add, this was another freebie I received at store event during Fashion Week.

GLOV is an actual makeup removal glove and all you need is water. It removes your makeup as it were wipes. I am going to attempt a video review going a little more in-depth on how it works. Just give me a little time to put it together because this will be my first video. Hehe. Wish me luck!

Finally, but not least, my trusty lip scrub by PS…Pro. I only apply it at night, just before bed. Apply, then rinse and leaves your lips smooth and supple.

I hope you enjoyed reading about C’s May favorites. Just patiently look out for the video review on GLOV. Thanks for reading and have a Happy Memorial Day weekend!