Tis’ the season of the ugly Christmas sweaters! One of the most interesting and exciting facets of the holiday season is the ugly sweater trend. A fad that has taken fashion by storm. Although, they don’t make the most promising pieces in your wardrobe, these big pullovers make a perfect exception to wear to tacky sweater parties or the holiday festive sweater run. But if you are curious about trying the holiday knitwear trend this season, here are a few cute and tacky looks to put you in the Christmas spirit.

For those of you, who are cat lovers (like moi), you can’t go wrong with the cuteness of kittens. At least this will be a little adequate reminder to get a present for your furry little feline friend. Kitty Cats Vintage 80s Acrylic Tacky Ugly Christmas Sweater ($50.00) theuglysweatershop.com

 Who would ever thought of a zombie Santa? This ugly sweater is a fun mix of “dead” humor and the spirit of giving. Ugly Christmas Sweater in a box Zombie Santa ($48.00) www.stupid.com

Perfect for a Christmas party! The decorative tinsel and snowflakes transforms this plain sweater dress into a complete party look and to top it off, the Gangnam Style theme takes this dress to a whole other level. Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Dress Gangnam Style Psy Black Bodycon www.etsy.com/shop/SurburbanRefitters

 For the “fashionistos” out there who are looking for some attire to wear to fit a Christmas theme at the office, try this sweater-inspired look on for size. Not only would you be displaying your holiday cheer but also looking professional and sharp at the same time. The Ugly Christmas Sweater Suit ($109.00) www.jezebel.com

Light up the town with this awesome set of Christmas lights. You won’t have a problem showing that wonderful glow and illuminating an ugly holiday look. Lighted Lightup Ugly Christmas Sweater (59.99) www.youruglychristmassweater.com

 The holidays are a time for sharing, bonding with your loved ones. But what better way to show your bond with someone other than dressing alike? Not everyone likes to and rather find it odd, but now you have an excuse as a couple!  Christmas Jumper Sweater – Mens Womens Unisex Couples- Funny Xmas Santa Retro ($47.02) www.ebay.com

If you want to save a little money, you can invest some time and creativity into a DIY ugly Christmas sweater. No need to hold back, go wild and gaudy with your embellishments and decorations. DIY Ugly Sweater www.today.com

As you deliberate over which cringe-worthy sweater to choose for your ensemble, keep in mind, you don’t have to hold back nor worry about making a statement because they are anything but simple. But as the saying goes “less is more” but in this case “the more, the merrier”.