Hey fashion babes! Happy Tuesday! I know many of you are excited Thanksgiving is just around the corner as am I. (Duh! I am a foodie) So once again, here is another week of my street style favorites. The next country is France from Paris Fashion Week.

I find the color combination awesome, as the colors compliment each other very well. I don’t normally like navy blue but it becomes very contrasted with the rusty orange. I just realized not only is a dress being worn but also an asymmetrical skirt is layered on top. Very interesting; I think I am going to try this one day

Red engine hot. Practically monochromatic but also her hair matches along with the fur coat. A nice slit skirt gives out a little sexiness and sophistication. A rich vibrant fur coat elevates this outfit into an opulence of luxe.

This is a great example of casual wear dressed up. The elegant cape definitely makes a statement and will elevate any look, even if you wore a pair of sweat pants with heels.

Purple used to be my favorite. Now I can’t stand the color unless it’s lavender. But the color combination is on point. A straight futuristic take on an architectural jacket and white blouse. The skirt looks so cybernetic and flowy. I find socks and heels an odd pair but it takes the cake on this one.

I love color-block pieces and I would love to possess a poncho as this one. A great combination of bold colors and a neutral tone to balance each other. I probably wouldn’t go with the knee-high boots which can shorten your stature if you aren’t very tall. So I would wear booties so more exposure to the legs for elongation.

An extra long poncho to keep you warm and stylish. Flowing with unique print patterns. The hat and boots are a perfect finish. This is what you called “bohemian chic”

There you have it. My favorite street styles for this week. I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading!