Hey fashion babes! Happy Hump Day! It is such a dismal day over here in NYC. It’s a raining and it makes me want to stay inside but I know that isn’t going to happen. Well at least you will enjoy another selection of my favorite street style picks for this week. Next stop, we are going to Korea! Let’s check out what cool and hip fashion is circulating there.

I think on a normal day, if I were to stubble upon a top like that in a store, I’d most likely pass it up. It’s funny how a top or a pair of pants can be not so appealing until you actually see it in a completed look. That is how I feel about this top.  But I absolutely love this look and is the embodiment of coolness. It is simplistic but yet it stand out even without any use of bold colors.  Oh you can’t forget the accessories, they polish the whole look.

Don’t ask me why I picked this look because I don’t even know myself but I found it interesting. Everything is all over the place yet I enjoy the uniqueness of it.  You have a few statement pieces in one look which is why it’s kind of hard to focus on one. But it’s edgy, has layers, relaxed and still finds someway to look unusually stylish.

This outfit is so cool, it almost feels like I am looking at an optical illusion. Very architectural, structured and classic with a twist. I would wear this on any given day except I’d probably opt for a shorter dress length.


This is so adorable! Even though she looks like a hip grandma but still! It is pulled off very well. All neutral colors with a pop of color with a clutch. I like the inspiration of combining menswear and the era of the 1040s with a hit of feminine flair.

She looks like she is always on top of her game. Opposites attract, spot on fur with bikers pants and eh why not a tux shirt for that tailored look.

I love how Korean fashionistos dress.; relaxed, easy and always use separates with layers. They tend to mostly dress in dark colors but it always look effortlessly put together.

This is was just a plus. I love couples’ dressing. It blissfully cute to see couple dress alike or in accordance with one another . A way to express themselves all lovey dovey.

Well that was certainly interesting. I hope you enjoyed the selection as much as me looking for them. Thank you for reading!