Happy Monday everyone! These days are going by so fast, before you know it, it’s Christmas. Well here goes to another week of street styles! This week we are focusing on styles in Brazil! It was a little tricky searching for looks that I really liked but I was able to rack up a few. Check them out!

Here is a nice set of pure chic with sleek tailoring of a polished jumpsuit, layered with a statement blazer with velvet luxe aesthetics. This is perfect for cocktail hour, the office, oh yeah and fashion week. Which ever place you choose to wear it to, you will have heads turning either way.

Now here is a carefree sensibility with fringe and color. Styled in a textured fringe skirt proportioned with a colorful and relaxed blouse and paired with another contrasting color; turquoise sandals. The placement of white in between rich colors creates a definite balance.

Brazilian fashion definitely instill a lot of color, festive and all. That skirt and shoes says it all. Do you see those shoes? Ugh! I can’t. What a twist on a bright mix of artful prints. There goes that white again.

There is a lot of textures going on here. The top is very interesting…reminds me of a coral from the sea. Then layered with whimsical jacket and soft pastel clutch. I don’t care too much for the pants as far the color but the style is cool. Covering the feet creates the appearance of longer legs.

This must be a class act. A monochrome mix of black and white translates from classic to cool. It’s a tux kind of day and exerts a confidence in menswear inspired style with a hint of spunk.

A day of sequins (that top is literally making me drool) is spot on in a mix of rich, dynamic embellishments layered in shine. Rocking it out with some high drama shredded boyfriend jeans and peep-toed booties.

Well that’s it for this week of favorite street styles. In the mean time, I am going to contemplate the next country I am going to post about. Maybe you guys can give some suggestions. Shoot some ideas over if you can. On that note, thank you for reading!