Hello fashion lovies! New look on blog! Let’s cut to the chase. I wore this outfit to the fashion show that took place on January, 28 at Times Square Skyroom. Spring will soon be around the corner and I am going to miss my winter staples! “Tears, tears”. But this look still had to acquired a winter staple because it was way too cold that night. With a mixture of sophistication and edginess, which are probably my two favorite type of styles, it is a functional wear as a day or night look. Fabulous. This is one of my favorite blazers because of the shade of blue it entails; royal blue. I just adore this shade of blue. I am not a yellow favored person but these pants were an exception and I call them my “banana jeans” because they remind me of a banana. To top it off, I wore one of my favorite statement necklaces to complete the look. Hope you enjoyed this post!. Thank you for reading and stay fabulous! xoxo