Art comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. When it comes to art, the sky is the limit. But what defines art? What constitutes a tangible object as art? Taking a canvas and randomly throwing paint at it or elevating two sticks against one another and calling it art doesn’t merely … fit the requirements.

So what is art and what does it require? Art is a realm of production birthed from our imagination and skill that is often beautiful but also can be unappealing.  What is required of art is its expression of ideas, concepts and feelings. Purpose is what creates the art then with the knowledge, the craft and aesthetics is what helps brings it to life.


There are many types of art; visual art, fine art, video art, architectural art, body art, decorative art, graphic art, the list just goes on and on. But what about fashion? Fashion is an art in its own right. It’s born from an conjured idea of inspiration. While fashion is an art, it can be used to mimic other forms of arts as well. As we see all sorts of fashion on the runway, it is always interesting to see how designers interpret/express and recreate the art they find through fashion.

Fashion can derive from absolutely anything, from our planets in solar system to the very molecular structure of our DNA. When you really think about it, fashion is everywhere…as long is it wearable to the very least. It’s one of the most artful platforms to see especially on the runway.  So find that artist spark within yourself because every person is an artist in some way. Thank you for reading!