What is more fun than meeting people who share the same passion as you? It is invigorating and its gives even more meaning to your interest or passion. I met these lovely ladies at a fashion event called “Fashion Blogger Connecting….A Very Stylish Mixer” at Mable’s Smoke house & Banquet Hall in Brooklyn. It was a small event and although it didn’t have a magnitude of attendees, it was still helpful and informative with exchange of ideas, tips, and getting to know other peoples’ background and sorted interests in fashion. There were makeup artists, fashion stylists, models, fashion bloggers etc. We all took the opportunity to network and exchange info to keep in touch for future events. Thanks for reading!

Alana, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger 
Zarielle, Professional Makeup artist 
Khetiwe, Fashion Stylist & Fashion Blogger 
Jasmine, Upcoming Fashion Designer 
Me, Fashion Blogger