Happy Fashion Friday! Ready for the weekend? I can just feel it…feel it in my bones; the inspiration of fashion! I have been to one fashion exhibition but I would care to view a little more in-depth of fashion from different eras. I always found fashion exhibitions/galleries quite interesting because for one, most people don’t visit these sort of platforms unless you have a niche for it and two, the idea of mere clothes displayed in a museum seems a little … odd but I like it. I like to appreciate the designs deriving from different cultures yet not alone, eras and the funnest part is learning the back story, how it was inspired by those prior and after them. Physically able to see the work brought to life of styles and textiles once made and untouched, is what I find fascinating. If I ever get the chance to visit of these babies, it will definitely be a journey worth writing about. Enjoy!

2012FJ0929_new_gallery_40_610x915 (1)

Fashion Gallery – European Fashion, fabrics and accessories from the 1750s


Ball gowns (British Couture): British Glamour since 1950, the first exhibition held in the V&A’s newly renovated fashion galleries


London Fashion Umbrella: First Exhibition, Manchester Galleries


“Romantic Exoticism” gallery Alexander McQueen savage beauty exhibition


Grand Rapids Art Museum showcasing Diana’s outfits


Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty by the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Victoria and Albert Museum – The World’s Leading in art and design


Vintage Bath Museum