So rules are meant to be broken right? Wrong! Rules serve a purpose; to keep things in order so things don’t become chaotic. On the flip side, not everything should be confined by rules, especially fashion. Who wants to be limited to what, when and how something should be worn? Pluh-leaassee! Have a seat. A matter of fact…have a couple. As a person of style, I like to march to beat of my own drum. Indulgence of trends or trends that become an established rule is not really my thing to follow, but sometimes there are exceptions. But let’s take a gander at some of the rules (myths) that creates a dome around fashion. Rules that you should break…

Don’t wear white after Labor Day

Seriously, who came up with this foolishness? Don’t even answer that, cause it’s irrelevant. I still don’t know to this day, why and how this because a rule. White is one of the universal colors in fashion. It’s a timeless color, sophisticated, easy to wear and meant to worn any time or any where. Don’t wear white? Ha, you just don’t what you’re missing.

No socks with open toe shoe or heels for that matter

Might I say, I had found this staple very interesting. Although, it was awkward looking at first, it was like a breath of fresh air. Something different, out of the ordinary that we do not normally see when it comes to wearing heels. Socks with heels creates an entirely new tone and style comparative to just wearing them alone. Heels has a sexy vibe but when worn with socks, it introduces a very girly and somewhat Victorian feel.

Silver and gold jewelry don’t mix

There’s a reason why you see most fashion jewelry in gold and silver. In most cases, they look great together than separately and they compliment each other. It also creates a fresh and stylish new look to your outfit, something that never can get old.

Your bag should always match your shoes

One of the oldest rules I can remember. Sure, you can always match your bag and shoes. It’s an easy “surety” of not causing a “down hill” to your outfit. But come on, live a little. Why not enjoy some freedom of mix and matching? It’s an elevation to a look and no one wants to abide to matching all the time. It can get boring there.

Don’t wear red lipstick by day

Traditionally, red lips are only to be worn at evenings of occasions. It’s classy, sophisticated and it can instantly make you look dressed up for a night out. But it’s all about how you wear your make up in general. If you wanna go red, keep everything else at a minimal, so your face does not have an over-powering look that caters to dressing up. Red lipstick is a statement and a standalone staple. It certainly awakens and brightens up your face. It’s a great distraction, drawing attention away from looking tired. So hey, don’t sweat it. Wear that red, till your drop dead.

Jewelry; less is more

Arm party, ring candy; it’s all about stacking to your personal preference and allows you to be more creative in curating different combination of jewelry. So never think you may be wearing too much. If you like it, flaunt it with confidence.

Shorts are only for the summer

It’s great to have another way of utilizing shorts other than just in the summer. Having the freedom to wear shorts any time during the four seasons is certainly a fashionista’s dream come true and gives us more reasons to wear it.  Sometimes, we want to take a break from the conforming pants and feel a bit free with comfort in a nice pair of shorts layered over some leggings. Ahh life can’t get better than this.

Break and revise these ridiculous rules, and then rewrite them to compliment your own fashion and style. Rules that say “there are no rules, period”. Thank you for reading!