On Tuesday, November 19, an event hosted by The Set NYC called the “Fashion & Finance Networking Party was held at the venue Le Reve in Midtown, Manhattan. A place to sit, unwind and enjoy drinks, food and hookah. I personally attended the event, and was introduced to a few people and made some great connections.  I even had the opportunity to play the “guinea pig model” for the photographers who were testing their cameras’ lightening within the venue and posed for the camera for their own takes as well.  The party featured fashion and jewelry designer Phil Harris and showcased a runway show “A walking piece of art, For your eyes only”.
The line  was creative, inspiring and exotic. I had the opportunity to meet Phil Harris myself and he was a very humble and spiritual individual. His work of art was and is inspired through spirituality and the hardship he has experienced in his life. I am looking forward see more of his work in future events. Enjoy!


 With Designer Phil Harris