Happy Friday everyone! TGIF! This week felt pretty long. It could be from being excited about this weekend, that I couldn’t wait for it to come. Supposedly, I was to see an astrology spring collection by Valentino on Wednesday but that didn’t work out. No biggie. I was still able to fullfill my goals for this week.


Remember in the last few previous posts, I said that I wasn’t going to post my fashion week outfits in consecutive order? Right….even though the big fashion weeks are over, it doesn’t stop one from posting and sharing their fabulous style and fashion with the world. This ensemble that I cultivated I found prety interesting because of two elements; the Web Crop Knit and the Tribal Print Skirt. I just presumed the look as little odd at first. I wasn’t sure if I liked the two together along with a camo layered underneath the top. I never tried a crop top with a skirt until that very day. I liked to try different looks and ways of putting certain fabrics, textures and colors together so it often puts me out of my comfort zone of what I am normally used to wearing which is a good thing by the way. The White Cringe Elbow Blazer added some structure to the look but without it, a raw and tough edge presents itself regardless of the skirt. The skirt can be edgy or girly depending on the pieces you use to soften or harden the tone. The camo I wore was for a splash of color. I mainly had neutral colors on, so I needed something to stand out amongst them. I have never wore thigh Beauchemin Thigh High Boots with a longer skirt but it was definitely a different look for me. I think I pulled this one off pretty well. What do you think about this outfit? Thank you for reading and enjoy St. Patrick’s day weekend! Have fun and be safe!