Hello my fashion lovies! Happy Wednesday! Missed you all. Muah! It feels great that the snow has finally decided to subside. This crazy weather squeezed out as much winter as it could before spring comes around. Although I love the snow, it did make commuting quite uncomfortable and annoying but I couldn’t help laughing repeatedly at what was going on with the weather. At foremost, what people thought was weather chaos. I loved it. Aside from that, this was my number two fashion week outfit. As much as I would like to,  I will not be posting my fashion week outfits in consecutive order due to some backed up on blog posts but you will definitely get to see them. Dissecting my look, this is one of my favorite beanies (Checkered Beanie) because I am a sucker for black and white patterns. The jacket (Faux Leather Moto Jacket) is my first moto jacket I have ever had and I wanted to own one for so many years. I love the texturing, zippers and metals on the jacket which makes it so edgy and the purple dress also entails metal embellishments that gives it some spunk. But honestly, if it wasn’t for the embellishments, I wouldn’t have look twice at this dress. My boots (Carrini Boots) are also faux leather so they look totally edgy but with a detailing of a bow on the sides, completely softens the look. This was one of my favorite outfits during fashion week. Hope you liked it too! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week! xoxo