Happy Friday fashion lovies! My photoshoot is tomorrow! I am so excited, except for the waking up crazy early and commuting all the way to the Bronx. So during fashion week this was outfit number three. I felt a little daring and mixed matched two completely different prints and I was very happy with how the outfit turned out. The sweatshirt (Boxed Striped Sweatshirt) is textured from top with wide boxed patterns then gradually the patterns get smaller as they go down to the lower half of the shirt. Houndstooth prints are one of my favorite patterns to wear. I am not sure why but I can never get enough of the skater skirt (Houndstooth Skater Skirt). Not only does these pieces make a statement but my necklace (Pinned up Necklace) was an unusual statement piece as well. It was pinned onto the collar of my shirt instead of the usual hang around the neck which is why I fell in love with it cause of the unique wearing. The wedges (Black Wedges) that I wore have been sitting in my closet forever and this was the perfect time to pull them out. Although I don’t wear them often, I still love them. Oops, it’s time for me to head out. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful fashionista day! xoxo