Salutations fashion Lovies!. Happy Saturday! New month, a new day, with new things to accomplish. I can’t believe it is March already. The year is starting off so fast or perhaps it’s just me. During fashion week, my fourth outfit that I wore was menswear inspired so I whipped out the suit-like blazer (Navy Blue Blazer) layered with my green blouse (Victorian Silhouette Blouse). This top is very unique because of the Victorian influence. The ankle booties (Carrini booties) that I wore were pirate style inspired. I love, love these shoes and I was very close to throwing them out because one of the heels were messed up. But I just couldn’t do it. I like that you can adjust the collars of the boots to create a different look of the boots. My two accessories to complete the look, were the hat (Lazy River Straw Fedora) and the necklace (Pearl Bow Tie Necklace).

 Actor Erik Mckay with appearances in soap opera shows as “All My Children”, “One Life to Live” and the tv series “Sex and the City” was hosting of the fashion week benefit event.

The first and last pictures were taken just before I was heading out to go home. I changed into Timberland boots and photographer Jason Chen decided take my picture. I think the Tims still made my ensemble look fabulous. Thank you for reading and  stay warm! xoxo

Photo Credit: Jason Chen