I love food as much as the next person…or may be the person after that… (o_o ). Who knows but what I do know is I love nothing more than a delicious of plate of food that is just too darn fabulous to eat. It’s a constant paradox that I battle within myself. So…what do you when you are put into a situation as this? One, stare at it as long as needed, glorifying its inspired elements of color; grasp at its silhouettes of shape and dazzle at its delightful facets of detail. Two, always…always make sure you take a picture of it. I can’t stress this anymore. Three, after you have taken a gorgeous picture of it, plunge yourself into the mouth-watering food. Lastly, enjoy and savor the taste while you post that beautiful picture you just took. LOL Well, this is just a step by step of what I would have done. But here are a few images of fashionable food I came across to share with you and I hope your mouth will water (Homer Simpson style) as much as mine did. Eh, what can I say? I am foodie! Enjoy!