Are you getting ready for the summer? Do you have plans of traveling to another state or even another country? Enjoy the breathtaking tropics, beautiful romanticized beaches and captivating scenery. Or maybe you have a goal this season to get in shape so you can show off that toned bod in an amazing swimwear. Get it right and make it tight! Well here are a few themes of strong suit for the poolside and possible new ways to flatter that bod of yours.

Hot Tropics- Ideal for the vacation spot

Floral and/or palm trees prints pants, colorful crochet cotton or nylon bikini, poppin’ sandals to match and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Active Duty – Sportive and Athletic

Killer eyewear, mesh bikini or a polyamide rash guard, elastic trainers and PVC hat. Look like you get sporty!

“Nude” Basics – Your idea of a pop of color

Oh so easy chic beachy slip-ons, Stretch cashmere dress, sea grass tote, cotton blend shirt, nylon swimsuit. That’s just the basics.

Shape shifters – Silhouettes to give your body a boost

The ample bust – The halter

For the push up effect – The Wrap Top

Full coverage – The Chic Long Sleeve

Thank you for reading and enjoy!