Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely and enjoyable weekend. I absolutely enjoyed mine and cannot wait for more. It’s a new week and I am going to be having some down time on fashion happenings until the end of this week. So throughout the weekdays, I am focusing on outfits for the time being until something short notice comes up. Let’s get to dissecting.

While I did ran into some trouble of figuring out what I wanted to wear, I still managed to distill an idea of some sort…after yanking out my crop top. It was sitting in my closet for the longest. It’s one of those things that involuntarily wastes your brain juice and make you lose track of time because well…”what the hell can I wear this with?”.

And there it was…(the choir sings) “Aaahhh”, my high waisted cut off shorts. So I paired my silhouette draped crop top with the shorts. For shoes, what was better to top it off than the trendy ol’ gladiator sandals and a bucket bag? Zinggoooo! Outfit done. Now for the details.

The top has certain elements that make it pretty unique. For starters, the color blocking with a distinctive and elicit contrast. When looking at the front, a full throttle solid color doesn’t come to mind with the minimalism of color blocking in the front…at least not to me. Second, it’s a crop top, which most crop tops don’t possess extra material hanging in the back like a flowing tail. Lastly, the unique draping exposing a good amount of skin that evokes a bit of elegance to the top. The shorts added that flirtacious and untamed expression to the look with some edge from the sandals. Throw in a nude bag to soften the ensemble just a bit more.

Oh yeah, accessories! Notice the body chain was worn under instead of on top. It accented the shorts and my skin with the draping. Want to brighten up your look? Wear a pair of white shades. It will add so much contrast against darker colors for that more crisp look. Thank you for reading and happy styling!