Not too long ago, I received an invitation to visit a jewelry store for the 6th annual Madsion Avenue Watch Week. North America’s largest fine timepiece marketplace. It’s an opportunity to see the artistry and craftsmanship of exceptional jewelry and watches, shown for the first time in America and explore exhibitions, premieres or in-store events. The first in-store event I visited was FREYWILLE, an Austrian fine jewelry brand. They are artisans in fine handcrafted jewelry and perfected the enamel technique, fusing gold or other metals to firing enamel for the long lasting wear and glow.

I was blown away by the amazing quality and craftsmanship of the jewelry. The jewelry very much imposes on a great deal of bright colors and print designing. Goldsmiths and enamel specialists incorporate their knowledge, creativity, and inspiration into making a finished product that underlines a client’s personal style. There were also not limited to accessories such as men’s ties, pens, clutches and scarves.

 The store decor was beautiful and served their guests champagne and hors d’oeuvres. By surprise, I ended up chatting with the store manager herself while she was shopping in her own store. It was a pleasure!