Holiday Pop Up Shop with Michelle Phan

On December 12-14, emcosmetics were hosting a shopping event at their store on Mulberry Street in Manhattan. I attended on the first day and the surprising part was Michelle Phan popping up in the store as secret santa. I mean that was the whole point anyways. I didn’t notice her at all until she moved away from a mass of people and boy is she tiny! She was not joking when she mentioned that she was small in one of her Youtube videos and she is so cute! Cute and tiny are the perfect cohesive words to describe her. But she looked beautiful as we always see in her videos. I was consciously surprised that I was in the presence of someone who I have watched and followed on Youtube for a few years. It was pretty cool. Fans asked her for advice on specific makeup they were shopping for and she recommended what was best for their skin. It was kind of hard to get the chance to speak with her and I wanted her to recommend the best concealer shade for my skin. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to and  I waited for a pretty long time, but I guess there is always next time. A few people gave her Christmas gifts as well. It was sweet, especially a little 11 year girl who gave her some bracelets and a card. AWWWW!
The store is still in renovation but it looks really sleek, white, allocation of colors and tech-savy. The life palettes were displayed around the store and there were counters with makeup testers at every corner. Each station had a different makeup tester for your convenience. They had Instagram raffles every hour. To enter, you had to purchase a product, take a picture of your product and the receipt, hashtag “emcosmetics” then posted it on Instagram. Afterwards, you waited around the store to see if you would win. The winner receieved a prize and a picture with Michelle along with the makeup you have purchased. I didn’t get to enter because I purchased my products toward the closing time of the store. BUMMER. LOL. It’s okay though. I still enjoyed my time there and just seeing Michelle. I can honestly say she is my favorite makeup guru? Who is your favorite makeup guru? Thank you for reading, fashion lovies and Happy Holidays!
 Life Palette
 Counters with makeup testers

 Tester Displays

 Cute & Tiny!

My purchases