Hello Fashionistas! Since Thanksgiving is all done and gone, are you being filled with the holiday cheer and spirit? When one finished, we just move on to the next.  A couple of my great deal goodies from Black Friday that was bought, I wore above. I went to a holiday party and fashion show yesterday (in next post). I had a blast and made new friends and connections. I wanted to wear something festive and cheery. So a vibrant red dress (Forever 21) was the way to go! Although, the dress was a little simple, I had to accessorize it to vamp it up. I loved the top part of the dress as a black mesh bringing that sexy and edgy appeal to it. Bottom half of the dress was flared which I loved as well, making it more elegant and playful. Of course, I had to add my leopard heels (Charlotte Russe) to the mix to make my look more festive and lively. Since, it is Christmas time, gold-toned accessories were the way to go. It reminded me of the gold ornaments on the tree. What is your holiday look for the season this month. Post and share with me! Thank you for reading and Happy Holidays from yours truly!