On December 6, Friday, Dynamite clothing stores were hosting style sessions with fashion bloggers in four different shopping locations and one of them were in my hometown at the Staten Island mall!. Fashion blogger Amy Marietta of Viviere Bella (bottom right) was coming to the Staten Island. Of course, I made my way over there to meet the successful blogger herself.
Amy Nicole Marietta, a fashion blogger, social media expert and model born and grew up in LA, California. It was only two years ago she moved to New York and started pursing her journery in fashion. Amy collaborated with the store manager to create four different looks to display in the store.
One New Year’s Look
Two holiday party looks
One office look
New Year’s Look
#1 Holiday Party Look
#2 Holiday Party Look
 Office Look
 Blogger Style
 Amy’s Favorite Looks
 With Amy Marietta of Viviere Bella
I think my favorite one was the New year’s look. After they were finished, I had the chance to sit down and speak with her. So we held a little informal interview in the store.
Jamila – So tell me about your blog
Amy – I started two years ago when I moved to New York and I started when I began interning at a PR company, it was fashion. I was the one sending stuff out to bloggers, recruiting bloggers and coming up with concepts. So I left and went to become a social media manager at online e-commerce company. This whole time, I was maintaining my blog and experimenting with different things like talking about my different adventures. Then after I left there, I just decided I would do social media for the three different companies as well as management on websites. I focus on travelling, fashion weeks, my own style, beauty and I constantly like to expand because I like try new things you know?
Jamila – Mm hmm, oh wow that is great.
Amy – Yeah it’s fun.
 Jamila – So how long have you been doing the blogging for?
Amy – Um, about two years
Jamila – Two years?
Amy – Yeah
Jamila – Wow, you have a lot of experience.
Amy – (laughs)
Jamila – I received this email today, did you hear about…well you’ve gone to fashion week right?.
Amy – Mm hmm
Jamila – The Mercedes Benz?
Amy – Yeah, I went to Mercedes Benz, I went to Paris fashion week this year and this coming February, I am going to London, Milan and Paris
Jamila – Wow!
Amy – It’s going to be a lot, yeah. It is going to be for a whole month (laughs)
Jamila – Oh my gosh
Amy – (laughs)  Home away from home, it’s going to be a struggle. Lots of coffee.
Jamila – Well I received an email saying about, I think the next time they have fashion week, they weren’t going to invite fashion bloggers anymore.
Amy – Really?
Jamila – Yeah
Amy – I doubt it. I don’t think…
Jamila – They were saying it was becoming cluttered and its losing its relevance and making sure they are going to send invitations to “TRUE” VIP or fashion insiders. I guess the designers were complaining about it.
Amy – They keep saying that stuff and coming out with articles but bloggers are still going. They just keep getting bigger and bigger. So I don’t believe it.
Jamila – (laughs)
Amy – They’re just haters.
Jamila – They are! Because the designers act like they are the only ones who know about fashion.
Amy – It’s so easy to get into fashion week in Europe, you don’t even have to be on the list.
Jamila – Really?
Amy – You do for some but honestly, they are so unorganized. Like here, you check in with your phone. There, it’s a clipboard and pencil.
Jamila – Ohhh
Amy – Yeah
Jamila – So how do you get invited?
Amy – Umm, you make relationships with PR companies and sometimes they reach out to you. Then also, if there is one you want to go to and you’re not invited, then you reach out to them.
Jamila – Oh really?
Amy – Yeah, so you just have to find the PR companies cause they are the ones who put it together.
Jamila – Ohhh ok. So what made you get into blogging?
Amy – Umm, interning and moving to New York
Jamila – Ohh. Actually I wasn’t a person who liked blogging…
Amy – Uh huh
Jamila – Because even when I just read things in general and I’ll have my thoughts in here that I would like to say but I was too lazy to type it.
Amy – Yeah I know, it’s like a creative outlet and I really love creative directing, coming up with concepts, styling and the location and working with different brands. It just all so fun. You know?
Jamila – Mmm hmm. Wow, that sounds so fun. I find it fun now…now that I am doing it and putting myself out there to do it.
Amy – Yes, you’re really passionate about it.
Jamila – Yeah
Amy – Yeah it’s fun.
Jamila – So what’s the name of your blog?
Amy – Viviere Bella
Jamila – Viviere Bella. How did you come up with that name?
Amy – Umm, I came up with it because viviere bella in italian means beautiful life or to live beautifully so I wanted to make it different and I like the way it sounded more. I wanted to create my own word so I called it Viviere Bella
Jamila – and What does bella mean?
Amy – Beautiful
Jamila – Beautiful? Oh
Amy – So it’s like living
Jamila – That’s pretty, Yeah that’s a really pretty name.
Amy – Thank you!
Jamila – What would you consider your style?
Amy – Honestly, it depends on how I wake up in the morning. Sometimes I’m super hobo. Sometimes I’m super..um hipster. Sometimes, a classy look like blazers. When I am in LA, obviously  I dress super Cali girl, it doesn’t require as much clothing
Jamila – Oh really? (laughs)
Amy – Yeah, it’s like tank tops, shorts…here I always see tons of layers. It’s just so different