What is a fashion victim?  The term was coined originally by Oscar de la Renta. It’s a person who resolves their style to the conformity of trends and fads of the fashion world. They are victims because they allow fashion trends to dictate their sense of style and identity. Whether they dislike it or it’s not their style, they will wear it regardless because they follow what’s “in”. Versace once said, “a woman who alters her look too much from season to season, she becomes a fashion victim”.

One who becomes a fashion victim subconsciously have their identity or individuality ruptured. A person’s sense of style is a part of who they are and how they define themselves, expressing it of course, through fashion. But when do the lines or boundaries start to blur between style and fashion? How are we able to consciously avoid being a victim to fashion and maintain our individuality? Here are some signs to avoid being a fashion victim or find out if you already are. (gasps)

  1. Unflattering Trends – wearing accessories or clothing that does not flatter one’s body or shape. What looks good on one person, does not mean it will look on the next. Know what looks good on you. Determine your best assets and work around that.
  2. Age Inappropriate Trends – This is a definite no, no. Wouldn’t we all love to stay and look young forever. But as we age, the way we dress must correspond with it. Not all clothing are made for the same ages. Which is why we have different sections catered to specific age groups in clothing departments.
  3. Choose the Style, Not the Label – Of course, some of us would love a nice high-end label sitting in our closet and nothing is wrong with that. But if it’s not something you would wear nor functional, don’t buy it. You pave your way to being a slave to a label that you don’t feel and look your best in because it’s not your style.
  4. Stick to Brands You Like – Shop for the brands of designers that you really believe in. The clothing that make you feel like you can conquer the world cause you feel so good and confidence in what you are wearing. You will get more for your buck than going for labels because of its name.
  5. Create Your Own Trend – If it doesn’t exist, then go for it. It may or may not become mainstream but at least it shows you are not a follower. Be a leader and confide in what makes you, you.

The bottom line is always think about your body, your age and lifestyle. Make a trend fit you, instead of conforming yourself to them.

Thank you for reading!