Ever get that feeling when you put something on, it just looks too basic or boring? Ironically, I am feeling that way, right at this very moment.  Sometimes, we just need that pop to the outfit to elevate the look. But what we really need are essentials that always upgrade your look , no matter what basic palettes you are wearing. Fill your wardrobe with these statement essentials and you will never to worry about your outfit looking lifeless.

Statement Jewelry

Jewelry is a must. Like the good ol’ quote says “accessories make the outfit” and it mostly certain does. Statement pieces shine the best contrasted with basic colors.

Patterned Jacket

These fun jackets are spontaneous, chic and modern. A great statement piece to pair with basics or even other fun prints and patterns, if you want to the whole nine yards.

Oxford shoes

The classic, menswear inspired shoe. I am still in need of getting a pair myself. But these babies never go out of style. They are timeless footwear that add sophistication to your look.

Boyfriend  Jeans

Raw and rustic,  these babies are versatile from dressing it up with structured blazers and soft silhouettes blouses to dressing it down with just a basic T.  Either way, relaxed chicness is priceless.

Silk Blouse

I think silk makes everything look classy and expensive. With this luxurious piece, it’s quite hard to go wrong, even if you were to pair it with a set of sweatpants.

Cocktail Skirt

Skirts scream chic and they can be paired with almost any top. But for more of a statement, you might want to opt for graphic skirt, then figure out some options for the top.

These are just a few upgrades that can elevate your outfit from blah to Ahh. Here’s a tip: pick a statement piece or staple and then resolve the rest of your outfit around that. You will be surprise with what you come up with. Until then, have a Happy Wednesday!