Stripes, the classic high contrasted black and white combo never goes out of style. But sometimes it can create a distortion to the eye depending how wide the stripes are and the size of the person. Suddenly, you look all disproportionate and unflattering in photos. If you are one of the many who doesn’t always get it right with stripes, then don’t worry. You no longer have to miss out on wearing this playful print. We are going to show you how to wear stripes that will create a slimmer look, whether vertical or horizontal.


As we all know, vertical stripes elongate your frame, making you look taller. So it’s pretty easy in earning your stripes when it comes to the vertical aspect.

How to Wear Stripes to Look Slimmer

Do horizontal stripes make us look bigger? The general rule is, the more curvier you are, the narrower stripes you go for that will make you look slimmer. But the key is, it all comes down to the width of the stripe. Prints embedded with stripes can be figure friendly so you don’t have to worry about that. The prints creates an illusion effect. So if you hold more weight in the mid-section, the eye will be drawn to different parts of the silhouette. There are also exceptions to wearing wider stripes. They can complement taller figures.

How to Wear Stripes to Look Slimmer

Mixing vertical design elements can minimize the stripe’s widening effect.  If you aren’t a fan of color, asymmetrical stripes are definitely an option. Pick out stripes that aren’t going the same direction. Wearing angular, mismatched or a mixture of slanted stripes will give a streamlined silhouette. By doing so, you can create contrast, contour and reduce curves.

I hope this guide helps you in finding your stripes. Vertical stripes have set the standard but horizontal stripes don’t need to be unflattering either. Like I mentioned before, it’s all about the width of the stripes and certainly how you wear to create fun, slimmer look. Thank you for stopping by and Happy styling!