One of my favorite “go to” and trendy, stylish stores is forever 21. They are always staying up with the latest fashion and styles. With their large selection of styles, it can be a bit overwhelming but all the merrier. It never fails me when it comes to my accessories shopping and they always have some cute and chic purses and bags that can go great with variety of ¬†outfits.
As much as I love their different trendy, stylish and lust-have shoes, they are not the most comfortable at the least. Not many of their shoes possess some sort of cushioning and some of the shoes sometimes feel cheaply made. But I guess it all depends on what you are looking for and if you can deal with some of the drawbacks. Personally, I’ll put the shoes right back on the self. Ugh, honestly, it’s like a little kid in a candy store when you see the shoes. Forever 21 is just an eye-catching store and it is not easy to miss. Thank you for reading!