Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day! Hopefully, everyone is enjoying this wonderful and beautiful day off with their loved ones. I am just relaxing today especially of the after the long day and journey I had yesterday.

Let’s dissect my look. I guess I was feeling kind of monochromatic that night. I love dark blue and rusty yellow color collectively. They are in a condition of coherence and compliment each other with fun contrast and color splash. Two pieces that was springy were the Bold Striped Blazer and the rusty yellow satchel. I then, paired it with a lighter shade of blue structured button down and a pair of navy blue jeans. The stripes created a bit of highlighting because it broke up the shades of blue. I almost forgot…my hair color and the hot pink lipstick took things to another level as well. But it was fun look at the end. Thank you for reading and happy styling!