On April, 18th, Parsons The New School for Design hosted a fashion panel event featuring five emerging Japanese designers introducing their designs and philosophies on fashion in depth to the perception of and interest in Japanese value. Japan of itself has created fascination amongst many designers and had been a source of inspiration.
Ezumi Yasutoshi, a fashion, textile designer and art director, launched his fashion brand “Yasutoshi Ezumi” in 2010 Autmn Winter.

Brand Concept: “Creation idea comes from researching logic in the life, phenomenon, society, culture and environment. The concept of brand is to have a full understanding of the chosen notion of ideas and logic and to combine elements from these ideas in order to reconstruct and create something completely new. Design, as it should be.”

Akiko Iwata, designer of fashion brand “saisir”. First established and launch in 2007 and expanded the women’s line from 2008 spring and summer. Ltd. REEF KNOT was established in 2009

Brand Concept: “Creativity and Universality”

Takuya Morikawa, designer of fashion brand “TaaKK”. After he graduated from Bunka Fashion College, he joined the company ISSEY MIYAKE/ISSEY MIYAKE MEN.

Brand Concept: “The way in technology in the content material to form a tracing experience to overlay a new experience and we hope to design a search without end”

LAMARCK 2014AW Topimage
Shinsuke Morishita, designer of the fashion brand “Lamarck”. It was first launched in 2011. He graduated from Bunka Fashion College and admitted into Bunka Fashion Graduate University. While in school, Shinsuke showcased exhibitions and shows in Paris, Russia and Wien. His brand then launched at the same time of graduation at BFGU.


Brand Concept: “Progressive Evolution is the concept of the brand which is what the naturalist, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck had proposed. With this keyword, it aims to suggest clothes that enable to discover something new in yourself, in the stream of drastically changing era and matters”.Mayuko Ban, designer of fashion brand “Ban San”. Studied and graduated at Bunka Fashion College and Bunka Fashion Graduate University. Then worked under Amin Collection Co., Ltd. Mayuko received awards from So-en Awards and 2011 Rooms Awards.

Brand Concept: ” Not take life too seriously”. Inspiring laughter and light-hearted fun with embodiment of comical portraits, playful shapes,  and quirks of daily life.
After presentations, there was a bridge of Q&A between the designers and  the audience. I hope you enjoyed the pictures!.Thank you for reading!