Hello fashion lovies! Happy Snow Saturday! I missed you guys. It has been a long and hectic week so I apologize for the absence of posts. New York Fashion Week was a really busy week and I barely had time to do any posting so now I have to get to work and make up for lost time. I wore this ensemble to the Heather Lawton fashion exhibit. The weather was blah…so I wasn’t up for the mood of getting all glammed up. Not that you have to be all glammed up to look fashionable and stylish anyway. I had a hard time showing the details of the top (Dynamite Clothing) I was wearing but it had a textile fabric that created the abstract shapes on the shirt. I don’t really know the name of the textile that I am trying to elaborate on but you should be able to see it best on the second photo. I love this long cardigan (Nastygal Cardigan) because although it very casual, it can dress up a very dressed down or casual look, especially the tailoring being a long fit helps quite a bit. It was a snowy day so I had to pull out my horseback riding mid calf boots (Naturalizer Mid calf)  careful where I was walking so it upheld pretty well. This is fairly a comfortable and simple look but that is where accessorizing comes in handy. Heavy and loud jewelry can really make a difference in a look of an outfit. I created enough balance between the simplicity of my outfit and my accessories and I like how it came out. It’s time to head out. I have a place to attend. Until then, thank you for reading and stay fabulously warm!