Last Friday, February 13, Lulu’s Style Studio once again threw another amazing NYFW and I finally had the chance to attend this time even through the chastising and brutal winter cold,  Oh I definitely made sure of it. (Frowns “talented” eye brows).  The place was packed but the ambiance and vibe was great.

Hypnotiq, one of the evening’s sponsors, mixed some awesome  drinks and my favorite drink I enjoyed was the sea breeze. They also had these awesome ice blue glow rings as decor displayed around the bar and cute red charmed bracelets

One of my favorite activities of that evening was their three-second shot picture capture. The girls and I had such a blast taking pictures, we took several groups and then did our individual shots.

Goodies time! Tons of free beauty and fashion swag bags were given away. Other sponsors such as Sigma, NYX, Bodyography, Rosebud Perfume Co., Shea Moisture, Miss Jessie, Jamberry, POM Wonderful just to name a few were giving way tons of goodies.

The blogger babes Tammy, Erica, Chante, Brittany, Aquila, Kinna and Ayanni.

It was time for the LULU*S shop and grab. Honestly, it felt like I was almost either at a clothing store on Black Friday or on Supermarket Sweep (a favorite show of mines), because clothes were getting pulled from left to right. You barely had any time to really look at a piece without getting a chance to check out other wardrobe

. And might I add, they kept bringing out more clothes, so everyone continuously went frantic to see what else was put out on the racks. Unfortunately, attendees were only allowed one piece of item out of all the pieces you snatched off the rack. But I wasn’t complaining. It was free!

Very talented and artistic manicurists were giving free manicure on a “first-come, first serve basis”. Thank goodness I have the chance to get my nails before the night was over. My nails were done by none other than the awesome Elaine KG. (Young lady in the foreground of the image).

The nail polishes were organic and by 100% Pure, Who ever heard of “organic nail polish”? They free of the chemicals and animal ingredients that are usually in the standard nail polishes.


Here is the whole blogger team! The NYC Fashion Bloggers. I had a blast with the girls and I can’t wait until the next LULU*S event! Thanks for reading and happy styling!