On July 17,  Maika Jewelry  hosted their launch and sale party at the Ainsworth in Midtown Manhattan. I made a friendly attend to the event accompanied by a friend.  I was rather excited to view this jewelry collection because, one, I love jewelry and two, they were handcrafted in Japan.  If anything is coming out of Japan, I want to know about it. So it was an opportunity that I could not pass up.


These commendable particulars above are versatile as you can wear them as a regular bracelet or a
barrette adding a fabulous accessory to your hair.
These pearls were a phenomenal sets of pieces.  They look like your ordinary set of pearls, right? Wrong! In fact, it is not so much about what they look like but what they are actually made of.  Can you take a guess?….Give up? They are made of cotton. Yes! Actual cotton and if you were to cut one of these little babies in half, you would see a small increment of cotton stationed side of the pearl.  How cool is that? That’s Japan for you!
The collection above is called Fouli which are the trendy accessories for everyday wear. Following is the Forever May collection; delicate and simplistic for everyday wear or for special occasions. They are composed of freshwater pearls, gems and 14k gold filled so you never have to worry about them tarnishing.


They gave me a complimentary gift of gold filled freshwater pearled earrings from their Forever May collection. I cannot wait to wear them out. I also became acquainted with Jasmine Wilson (middle), the COO and her one of her co partners of Maika Jewelry. Such lovely and radiant young ladies.
If you are interested in seeing more and further collections, do not hesitate to visit their website at www.bymaika.com.  Also follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr to get updates on their latest styles and collections. Until then, enjoy and Sayonara!