Happy Friday! TGIF! By calendar date, Spring has officially commenced but of course it has not been projected physically for the past few days. Longest winter ever! So on the day of Mardi Gras…I don’t really remember the date (not that it matters) but the most important thing was there was a fashion show that I attended. My outfit was Mardi Gras inspired and the only thing missing was a splash of green which I made up for it with my green simmered eyeshadow.

This was the first time I wore a dress Belted Waisted Dress layered with a sweater Gold Flowers Furry Crop Sweater Foe me personally, it was a total partial revamp of my style but you know me…I like to try a little bit of everything! For this particular occasion, I was looking for something festive, loud, fun and flirty but still capture the essence or spirit of the celebration. This dress was only thing that was purple in my closet and the gold crop sweater was there waiting to be worn and when was a better time to wear it then for this occasion? The heels Cream Platform Pumps are one of my favs and also are the highest heels I possess. The height of the heel is 5 3/4 so it’s pretty close to 6 inches but I can’t bring myself to wear that height. For one, they look scary and two, I hate very thick platforms on shoes. A two inch wide platform on a heel practically encompass and devours the foot is it on. That’s a no,no. I should be wearing the shoe, not the shoe wearing my foot. On a good note, thank you for reading and enjoy your weekend! xoxo